change.49 defines a process that seamlessly combines thoughtful, hand painted designs and clothing, an idea that Brooklyn artist Fred White has been developing for over a decade. 

One of the defining aspects of change.49 is that each piece is a one-of-a-kind, hand painted work of art and that the works suggests the mutable nature of all forms. Each piece is made to order; it evolves delicately and meditatively from moment to moment, without a fixed definition of what the painting will be. The work exhibits unusual and surprising detail for painted designs on clothing by incorporating the natural character of the clothing with the medium of paint. This makes every article truly one of a kind.

"change.49 as an idea came into existence after some experiments painting on T-shirts. I discovered that I could work more intuitively and spontaneously with excitement knowing that the piece would be eventually be worn by someone. It gave the work an immediacy and a purpose that I had not experienced before with other art forms. Each piece lead to a renewal of creativity." Fred White was also studying the I-Ching and saw a connection between the changing nature of all things and his creative spirit. The 49th symbol of the I-Ching represents 'revolution' and the work took its name from that. change 49.

If you would like something of your own, or have a favorite piece you would like to add some love, more change... please contact us directly and we can get to work!