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Change49 teams up with Loomstate

Fredric White

Fred White is Loomstate's new WAYFINDR who is passionate about being outdoors and manages to make it a priority even in New York. Amid the hustle and all the moving parts, he makes the time to create - specifically he likes to paint on clothing.  His canvas of choice right now is Loomstate's chambray and we couldn't be happier :) Through subtle geometric detail, reminiscent of mountain peaks and indigenous textiles, Fred thoughtfully highlights all the fine structural design details. For a limited time we'll be offering Fred's custom, made-to-order chambray on! 10% of each purchase will go toward land conservation efforts by Conservacion Patagonica.  Place an order

Change49 x Patagonia Worn Wear

Fredric White

 Blank Canvas. Fred White. New York City, NY. 

“As you can see, this shirt has some paint on it- it wasn’t an accident. I was working at the Patagonia SoHo store about ten years ago and a customer came in and dropped off this shirt- he said it had been in his closet for thirty years and he didn’t need it anymore. I saw it as a blank canvas. The idea with painting on clothing is that it can be preserved & appreciated longer by turning it into a piece of artwork." 

- Fred (Change 49)

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Turning Patagonia into Wearable Art: Fred White

Fredric White

Brooklyn based BKB member Fred White is a Maryland native and artist who found his way to Brooklyn in an ‘86 Chevette Hatchback called “The Brown Hornet”.

He spends his days working at the 14th street Patagonia store, climbing at BKB, and also is a self-taught painter. He hand paints directly onto old Patagucci threads – effectively turning them into insanely beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

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