Change.49 is the idea that everything is in motion, and always changing, revolving and evolving into something else…no idea, thought or activity exists in a vacuum and is itself a gift who’s primary characteristic is to move from one place to the next, the unknowing mystery is fuel for its fire that burns brighter the less we know of its origins and simply accept our role in keeping in alive.

Painting on clothing came about at a time when I when sharing my creative work was at a standstill. The idea of it came from a friend who noticed I was wearing a t-shirt that I had been using as a place to clean my bushes when painting. He thought it was intentional, the fact of the matter was that I didn’t have any other clean shirts that day so I left the house as I was. This friend encouraged me to intentionally paint on more t shirts, which i began experimenting with and found that not only did I enjoy the process, it became much easier for me to share it’s results with people and thus I began asking friends to give me clothing paint on. It began as a way to share, an exchange ideas to make connections between people I knew and also complete strangers. This connection is vital to my being able to create. It evolved my own understanding of the creative process and the importance of giving something away being integral to my personal journey as an artist and the creative process. In this way I consider it a gift when someone hands me an article of clothing they love, and asks me to paint on it then give it back to them.

Whenever I am painting, I try to think as little as possible about the result. It becomes an exercise in being here, in being present. The result is never the same and depends on so many factors, most unknown, but are sought in the relationship between the clothing its wearer, and our relationship, and the moment. The mystery of it all is what enlivens the creative, and is what keeps things moving.

Change.49 is the idea of artist and shapeshifter Fred White, who currently lives in Western Massachusetts. Born in Raleigh, NC and raised in Frederick, MD he moved to New York in the early 90’s and has been tried everything from being a sound engineer for the pioneering internet television company Pseudo Programs, NYC bike messenger, to photo retoucher and worked for the environmental activist clothing company Patagonia for a decade. Fred also practices Vipasanna mediation, is a rock climber, and loves being a friend to many and tied to nothing and noone.